Pics and Reviews: Photographic proof of the madness is starting to trickle in. Public humiliation, geeking, and some scary stuff abound in Maverick's and Gavin's lenses. Hack-Sec-Klahn and Moloch provide some insight into the festivities in their respective domains.

101 Reasons to Attend PhreakNIC: So you were just sitting around, downloading those Brittney Spears MP3's when you realized that you had no idea why you were going to PhreakNIC v4.0. Get 101 Reasons right here.

Event schedules:

PhreakNIC Fliers: PhreakNIC v4.0 fliers are available for downloading and printing. You'll need the latest Acrobat Reader (v4.0) to view them Properly.

flier-01.pdf is a one-sided, stand-alone flier.
flier-02.pdf can be either a one-sided, stand-alone flier or used as the front of flier-03.pdf if you want to make 2-sided fliers.
flier-04.pdf works the same way flier-02.pdf does; it has v3.0 art.

Other Stuff:

  • T-SHIRTS - Reprints and sneak-peeks at the new v4.0 shirts, plus artist credits and contact info
  • VOLUNTEERS - Wanna help out?
  • Older info, mainly from the PhreakNIC v3.0 site:

  • What to bring - a checklist; feel free to add suggestions
  • r00t WarZ info - rules, aka: a feeble attempt to contain the mayhem
  • PhreakNIC v3.0 schedule - constantly subject to change
  • T-Shirt designs - 1999 and 1998
  • 65 reasons to attend PhreakNIC
  • PhreakNIC v3.0 code - solved
  • PhreakNIC v1.0 (1997) pictures - evidence to be used against us
  • PhreakNIC v2.0 (1998) pictures - more evidence to be used against us
  • PhreakNIC v3.0 (1999) pictures - even MORE evidence to be used against us