r00t WaRz rules
Please read this so you won't sue us later

What the hell is "r00t WaRz"?


That's what root WaRz is! We wire up the hotel, run cable to your hotel room (or let you set up in the con room), and then you get to try all those wonderful little 'sploits & scripts you downloaded from rootshell & didn't dare try in the real world for fear of a midnight visit by agents of various TLAs (Three Letter Agencies). Survival of the fittest, hack or be hacked. See what your MSCE is *really* worth; can you keep that 14yo Linux freak out of your NT server?

This year we've added an extra special twist to r00t WaRz: s/he who controls the most machines, especially those belonging to others, is the Presiding BOfH until someone else else achives greater computing power. The Presiding BOfH may carry the Presidential LART (my 125 Louisville Slugger), which entitles him/her to free beer until ejected from office.



Sorry for all the legal BS, but we need to protect ourselves from idiots.