Welcome to our 4th annual "r00t wars" competition. The rules have changed slightly from last year.


  • ANYTHING, that does not physically access or damage hardware, goes.
  • There are no safe LAN segments, therefore the entire network is potentially hostile; do not connect to the LAN if you object to others attempting to crack your box(es).
  • The NLUG room is not a part of the r00t wars LAN, and is therefore offlimits; NLUG members have stated that they may plug "trespassing" r00t wars network cables into the nearest electrical outlet.


  • We wire up the hotel, run cable to your hotel room (or let you set up in the private con rooms, badge required for access - see NOTE below), and then you get to try all those wonderful little 'sploits & scripts you downloaded from rootshell & didn't dare try in the real world for fear of a midnight visit by agents of various TLAs (Three Letter Agencies). Survival of the fittest, hack or be hacked. See what your MSCE is *really* worth; can you keep that 14yo Linux freak out of your NT server?
    Per PhreakNIC v3.0, s/he who controls the most machines (especially those belonging to others), is the Presiding BOfH, until someone else else achives greater computing power. The Presiding BOfH may carry the Presidential LART (jonnyx's 125 Louisville Slugger), which entitles him/her to free beer until ejected from office.
  • As always, limit hacking to PhreakNIC systems; do not hack outside systems. We will cheerfully beat you senseless and turn you over to one of the undercover TBI agents assigned to monitor PhreakNIC if you do something stupid.
  • and *.mil count as "doing something stupid".
  • If you hack outside systems, do not tell us about it; we don't want to know (it's called "plausable deniability").
  • At the end of the con, or when you or your victim(s) decide to no longer participate in r00t Wars, please explain what you did & how you did it.


  • Move your valuable data off your computer BEFORE participating in r00t wars.
  • Plan on wiping your drives & reinstalling your OS when you get home.
  • You participate at your own risk, and may not hold anyone (including con organizers and/or participants) liable for any dataloss.
  • Do not participate if you do not agree with or understand the above statements.
Sorry for all the legal BS, but we need to protect ourselves from idiots.

For your amusement, here are links to last year's r00t wars rules and legal release:
PhreakNIC v3.0 r00t wars rules
PhreakNIC v3.0 Bastard Release from Hell


Watch for lasers, SRL videos, djs, etc.

NOTE - access to the International and Continental con rooms (ie - the private or r00t wars rooms) is limited to PhreakNIC v4.0 badge holders. Hotel guests (ie - those staying overnight in hotel guest rooms) and NLUG Installfest attendees get a badge free when they check-in at the PhreakNIC registration desk, in front of Salon B; others may obtain a badge for a $5.00 suggested donation (to help cover con expenses).

Public con rooms - NLUG room, panels and movies, vendors and bazaar
Other activities - The return of the PhreakNIC Olympics, the 3rd Annual PhreakNIC Coding Competition, misc. wierdness
Staff work schedule - sign up for empty slots at Salon B registration desk