Volunteer Information

Coordination of staff and volunteers this year falls in the capable hands of Antimony. Email her for information, details, and to offer your body to such noble service. She has requested volunteers to sign up for 2 hour shifts of the following:

Con Room Goon Squad/Hall Monitors: Basically, you spend two hours keeping an eye on the con room door, checking badges, etc. There will be two people in the public con room, and two in the private con room. This position needs to filled 24 hours a day from friday afternoon through sunday morning.

Check-in Desk/Runner: The check in desk will be in the public con room. That's where people will go to get their badge to get into the private con room, to buy t-shirts, and to get general information. There will be two people assigned to this area. One will stay at the desk at all times, and one will be a runner. To break the monotony, the two people will probably switch roles at the 1-hour mark.

On-Call backup: In case of no-shows, we would like a few people to sign up to be on call for 6 hour shifts. If all goes well, you won't ever be called.

All staff will get a lovely PhreakNIC Staff t-shirt and Antimony's undying gratitude. However, once you sign up for a shift, you are making a commitment, any no-shows will a) Not get a t-shirt b) Face the wrath of Antimony. You've been warned.