What: A weekend of hacking, panel discussions, partying and other mayhem
Where: Days Inn - Airport/Opryland, 1 International Plz, Nashville, TN 37217-2001
When: November 3rd through November 5th, Y2K --
Why: Why not?

PhreakNIC is Nashville’s *FREE* annual hacker con. Anyone is welcome to attend. We create an environment for people who are interested in the more underground elements of technology to meet, exchange ideas and hopefully teach/learn. The primary focus is on computers and computer security, but we also cover other topics, such as radio (ham, pirate & low-power/community), SETI work, robotics, high-power rocketry, satellites, phones and phreaking, cryptography, etc. We are planning interesting things for our fourth year - please join us.

Con cost: Nothing, nada, not one damn cent; donations cheerfully accepted and/or buy a con t-shirt, m’kay?

LAN: The hotel will be wired for r00t wars, gaming, file sharing, etc in main conference rooms as well as individual hotel rooms (i.e. - it's OK if con staff runs cable everywhere).

Con rooms: Open 24hrs/day; music, live djs, movies, vendors, bazaar, panels, demos, etc.

Speakers: Click here for details

Con rules:
* No guns in con rooms
* No explosives, period.
* Staff members will remove alcohol from minors in public areas and/or the private con rooms and eject them from con as necessary. We will cooperate with cops to avoid liability for your stupidity.
* Sex ONLY between consenting adults, please.

PhreakNIC v4.0 GPS            (NAD-27)
      Decimal Degrees      Deg:Min:Sec
Lat:        36.126309    36:07:34.712N
Lon:      -086.694682    86:41:40.855W

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"Best local computer/technology showcase of 1999."