Rattle was neither consulted for permission to use his likeness or for an actual quote.

Stuff? Twitter? Uhhh butts? Eliminate entirely?


PhreakNIC was started in 1997 by Jonnyx and several other members of the Nashville 2600 group (Decius, Dagmar, Rattle and Maverick among them, apologies to those I've left out).1

Jonnyx ran PhreakNIC 1-5, Dolemite 6-11, Skydog 12-13, and Corydon headed up 14. Notlarry is currently behind the wheel.

Ghosts of PhreakNIC past...

PhreakNIC 16
PhreakNIC 15
PhreakNIC 14
PhreakNIC 13
PhreakNIC 12
PhreakNIC 11
PhreakNIC 10
PhreakNIC 9
PhreakNIC 8 was based on exploitable phpNuke code and has been removed.
PhreakNIC 7
PhreakNIC 6
PhreakNIC 5
PhreakNIC 4
PhreakNIC 3