November 1, 1999 -- PhreakNIC v3.0 pictures are starting to appear. Be sure to go check them out. More should start appearing over the next week. PhreakNIC was definitely a lot of fun. I hope those of you that attended had a great time and will be back with us for the next one.

Older news: T-Shirt Designs, PhreakNIC v3.0 Code.



  • Who: se2600 (Nashville/Atlanta hackers)
  • What: a weekend of hacking, panel discussions, partying and other mayhem
  • Where: Drury Inn south, I-24 and Harding Place, Nashville TN, 615.834.7170
  • When: 29 October - 31 October
  • Why: why not?

v1.0  v2.0  v3.0

PhreakNIC v3.0 is over and was a blast! Some pictures are online now and others will be added as they are submitted....

Be sure to check out @LANta.CON in Atlanta, GA on the weekend of April 1st.

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