October 24th - 25th, 2008
Be there, or be triangular...
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Volunteers are needed for different positions this year.


--- October 22th, 2008 ---

Phreaknic 12 is 2 days away!

I've been getting reports of people starting to make the trek to Nashville for the con. We're getting our gear staged to move it to the hotel, and we're going over the checklists. Directors are doing final communications with their people, and Dolemite is picking up the grub. This year looks like it's gonna be a blast too!

I've heard some reports of Pancakes on the ninth floor at some point, and there are a few impromptu contests that will be taking place. Keep on the lookout for interesting things happening.

--- October 22th, 2008 ---

Volunteer Postions are filled!

The volunteer positions are finally filled. Thanks to everyone that volunteered. If you show up and wanna be put on standby as a volunteer, please let us know. As it stands, we have a few extras on the roster, but we appreciate you letting us know you're available.

--- October 17th, 2008 ---

Intx80 of Dual Core Music to perform at Phreaknic 12

Intx80 is coming to PN to do a set on Friday night. Check them out at DualCoreMusic.com Intx80 is 1/2 of Dual Core, a nerdcore rap group. Intx80 has performed at Shmoocon, DefCon and most recently ToorCon. He'll be selling CD's in the Vendor area over the weekend. Give him a listen, and pickup a copy to help support his efforts.

"Honestly, there's nothing that mainstream music has that can top this in music, lyrics, production or overall quality." - The Awful Show

--- October 17th, 2008 ---

Interview on HackerPublicRadio!

SkyDog got interviewed by Droops for HackerPublicRadio.org.
We're Episode ep0201, or you can click here to listen. We talk about the happenings at Phreaknic 12, and about some of the talks. Check it out!

--- October 16th, 2008 ---

Preregistration is Closed!

Preregistration for PN12 Closed last night. If you didn't get a ticket in advance, you can get one at the door for $25.00. Your $25 gets you a weekend of great talks, socializing with friends, and for the first 300 people, the official PN 12 Con SWAG! I got an email telling me that everything is coming in as planned. I hope that it's something that everyone will wear/display/eat/drink/party with pride!

--- September 4, 2008 ---

Preregistration is open!

Preregistration for PN12 is now open. Go here to pre-register. you'll save $5 off the cost at the door, and you'll also find t-shirts and other goodies from previous cons on sale cheep! You can pre-order the Phreaknic 12 Hoodies, but T-shirts for PN12 are only on sale at the conference. Because of the cost of producing the hoodies, we have to pre-sell them. The T-shirts will go on sale at the con at the first break on Friday, to give everyone a chance to go thru registration before the sales start. Get online and get registered! See you there!

--- August 25, 2008 ---

Call for Volunteers!

We've been getting your sign-ups for the volunteer list, and we appreciate all of you who have chosen to help put this con on. We're still in need of volunteers, so if you can spare two-two hour shifts over the course of the weekend, we'd appreciate it! Go here to sign up. Props to Dolemite for building the signup page!

--- August 21, 2008 ---

Call for Papers Closes September 15th!

We've had some stellar papers submitted for Phreaknic this year. We try to select a wide range of papers, so that we're not spending the entire weekend listening to forensics and vulnerabilites talks. This year we have confirmed that we'll be having a talk on Beer, so that's a plus... There will be some hardware and software hacking, body hacking(NOT MODS), as well as social talks. Per the usual, we'll have some awesome talks on vulnerabilites and forensics too.

If you are intersted in submitting an abstract, please do so immediately! We're getting close to the deadline, and we'll be making our final decisions on the 16th of September. The lineup as we have decided so far will be posted in the next few days.

--- August 1, 2008 ---

Con Graphics have been Selected!

Coming to a T-Shirt or a Program near you!

--- July 27, 2008 ---

Volunteer Sign-Up Page Online!

If you are interested in being a volunteer for this year's con, please visit the sign-up page and submit your information. We need people to help with everything from registration to hospitality. You can sign up here.

--- July 24, 2008 ---
Worth 1000 Contest Announced!

This year's Worth1000 contest is underway! Goto this link to see the contest, and if you've got a good design, enter it! The entries will be judged on the 29th of July. Time is running short, so get them in quick! The winner gets $200 for their work, and we get artwork for the T-Shirts and the Con. Last year's artwork was awesome, and we hope that this year's will rock too.

--- June 11, 2008 ---
Phreaknic 12 Call for Papers Announced!

The Phreaknic 12 Call for Papers is now open! Please feel free to go to the Call for papers page and send us your info. Keep up the tradition of sending us new and interesting talks.

--- April 21, 2008 ---
Phreaknic 12 Dates Finally Announced!

Phreaknic 12 will be held at the Days Inn Stadium again this year, on October 24th - 25th. Check here for hotel information, here for FAQ's, and here if you can find an answer on this site.

--- April 9, 2008 ---
Hello everyone.

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you for stopping by to check out the website. Obviously you're wanting to know when the conference starts, and to start making your travel arrangements. Right now, we're in a holding pattern waiting for the NFL schedule to be released. You see, being in a town with an NFL team means that just about every other weekend is a living hell trying to get downtown. We've always waited until the schedule comes out, then negotiated a weekend with the hotel. It's much easier than fight over hotel rooms with the footballers, etc.

With that aside, I'd like to say thank you to the attendees of previous years, and the new people that have just found us. We hope to provide you with a good time, good information, and an opportunity to make new friends and see old ones. The process of planning the conference has started, and we're putting together alot of events and talks that we believe will make for an interesting conference. We hope that you feel the same way too.

In the coming weeks, we'll be putting up a forum to discuss ideas, concerns, room and ride sharing, and generally to kibitz. Feel free to post what you like, and we'll try to take into consideration all the ideas and such that come thru... After all, this conference is for you, the community.

Also, we will be posting a call for papers as soon as the conference dates are announced, so if you're in the mood to do a little talkin', feel free to send your abstracts.

Thanks again for stopping by; we look forward to seeing you at the con.

President, Nasvhille 2600
Head Cook and Bottle Washer