October 24th - 25th, 2008
Be there, or be triangular...
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What in the hell is a 'Phreaknic'?

Phreaknic was started years ago by JonnyX. After 5 years of working his bony ass off putting together a con on a budget, he had to leave Nashville to get a good job and survive. He passed on the duties to Dolemite, who with the help of his amex card, put together a group of directors and formed a non-profit corporation to put on the con. Dolemite built on previous successes, and has made phreaknic a well organized, finely tuned machine... Well, fairly well tuned. We have our moments. After Phreaknic 11, Dolemite stepped down as President of Nashville2600, the non-profit that puts on Phreaknic. A vote was taken and skydog was elected as President of the Nashville2600 Organization. This is our 12th year. We are the second* longest running annual hacker con in the United States. DefCon is the longest running, having just had their 16th con.

Phreaknic.com is an entirely different group, and if you happened to hit it while looking for us, we apologize. There used to be a Freaknic that happened in Atlanta,which we are usually confused with, until we explain the 'PH' instead of the 'F'.

2. Who in the hell is 'Phreaknic'?

See above.

3. Why in the hell is Phreaknic in Nashville?

Well, It was started in Nashville, why move it? What, don't you like country music?

*Thanks for catching that Robert!