PhreakNIC 6.0
Technology Conference - DATE SET: November 1-3, 2002 [Schedule]
[Location] - LOCATION SET: Ramada Inn and Conference Center - Downtown Nashville, TN [Archives]
UPDATES - Congratulations to Ben and Elonka, who cracked the code!
- Manga Entertainment is now sponsoring PhreakNIC 6!
NEEDS - Volunteers for organizing the event
- Volunteers for working the event

What is PhreakNIC?

PhreakNIC is Nashville's annual hacker con. Anyone is welcome to attend. We create an environment where people who are interested in the more underground elements of technology can meet, exchange ideas and hopefully teach/learn. The primary focus is on computers and computer security, but we also cover other topics, such as radio (ham, pirate & low-power/community), SETI work, robotics, high-power rocketry, satellites, phones and phreaking, cryptography, etc. We are planning interesting things for our sixth year - please join us.

Previously PhreakNIC has been a free conference, but due to costs of putting together such a large and growing event, registration will be $5 this year.

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