DATE SET: November 1-3, 2002
[Location] - LOCATION SET: Ramada Inn and Conference Center - Downtown Nashville, TN
Special Events

This year's PhreakNIC convention comes at a time when the technology community faces unprecedented peril. The crash of the Internet and Telecom bubbles, and the ensuing economic slow down, have left many of us underemployed and wondering where, how, and in what direction technological innovation will proceed. The copyright maximalists have made severe encroachments upon our culture by shutting down most of our Internet radio stations. Their incessant efforts threaten to place complete control of the Internet in the hands of a small group of entertainment industry executives within just a few short years. All of this is occurring within the broader context of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing War on Terrorism, which continues to have serious implications for the open exchange of ideas, our civil liberties, and our very freedom.

PhreakNIC 2002 will provide a forum in which these matters of international importance can be discussed in an environment where everyone is UNFATHOMABLY INTOXICATED, inhibition free, playing with HIGH-TECH toys, and engaged wild, half-naked, digitally enchanced, wanton DEBAUCHERY.

Yes, thats UNFATHOMABLY INTOXICATED HIGH-TECH DEBAUCHERY. We can't promise we're gunna solve any of these damn problems, but we can sure as hell promise you'll be so drunk you won't care!

Events and Goings On:

- Root Wars: A lawless free for all on the LAN. If you connect your computer to the conference network be prepared to defend it!

- Gaming: Lots of gamers show up at PhreakNIC ready to throw down. NotLarry will be sponsoring the Official PhreakNIC Gaming Tournamenent this year, contact him to sign up!

- Film Screening: We have a full amphitheatre this year. Expect cool flash animations and strange cyberpunk movies. Bring your DVDs of whatever you think people should see. Please, no goat porn.

- DJs: Phat West Coast D&B, House, and Industrial/Goth music every night in the party room.

- Dolemite's Hacker Hook-Up: It's like the dating game, only overclocked! Ladies, sign up with Dolemite if you want to be a bachelorette. Gentlemen may register during conference check-in.

- Costume Party: Saturday Night we'll be voting on the best Hallowe'en Costume, prizes to be given away!

- NLUG Install Fest: For newbies, get started with Linux with help from the experts.