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Call for papers

PhreakNIC without speakers would be a really lame party and we don't throw lame parties.

If you have something that you'd like to present and you can fill 15, 30, or 50 minutes please use the button below to submit your idea and how long a slot you'd like to fill. We are trying a slightly different format this year with the shorter talks so if you have one that is short on wind but big on bite now is your chance.


We'd never ask you to do something for nothing, well we would but not this time. As a token of our thanks for your presentation you'll receive a custom badge with your name, entry to the conference, and a super secret usually awesome item that is reserved just for our fine speakers. In the past this has been umbrellas, laser pointers, thumbdrives, 10 minutes with alone with Notlarry. We don't know what it is yet this year but you can bet it will be amazing.

Submit your idea(s)

Use this handy submit button below to submit your idea(s) now. If you have a few but only want to give one then let us know and we'll pick for you.

AestetixOne morning, when aestetix woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic cockroach.

Attribution: "Photo by Audrey Penven"

Ben WhiteHalfjack
Ben WhiteBen is a Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems at a newly minted four year college in the University System of Georgia. For the past 17 years, most of his teaching has consisted of showing the clueless where the power button is but he does get to spend a little time with more advanced topics (and students) so he only has a mild personality disorder. He believes that
  1. the best piece of advice he ever gave at an con talk was "Don't point the sharp end of the tool towards your body" and
  2. you can't have too many wheelbarrows...
Elonka DuninElonka
Elonka DuninElonka was born in Los Angeles, studied Astronomy at UCLA, and then joined the United States Air Force, where she worked on the SR-71 and U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. Elonka is a world-traveler who speaks multiple languages, and has visited scores of countries around the world, and every continent (yes, including Antarctica). She has won awards for cracking various codes, such as when she cracked the PhreakNIC v3.0 Code, an up-until-Elonka unsolved puzzle created by se2600. Since September 11th, Elonka has also been helping out with the war on terrorism by teaching government agents about cryptography and what types of codes that Al Qaeda may be using. She is co-founder of the Kryptos Group, an online group of cryptographers and interested hobbyists trying to crack the last part of the code on the famous Kryptos sculpture at CIA Headquarters.
HardwarezCollege dropout that turned into a reckless con whore with a DRINKing problem. BSD advocate. Professional bitcoin miner. Hobbies include politics and firearms.
Makers Local 256
Makers Local 256Makers Local 256 is a group of like-minded individuals who have created a hacker space located in Huntsville, AL. We are a nonprofit charitable organization helping to join experienced and inexperienced tinkerers in an educational setting. Together we design and work on projects in all hobbyist/DIY fields, particularly where projects overlap multiple fields.
Michael SnyderSir_Zerp
Michael SnyderI am a forty year old grad student who studies magnetism from the atomic to the galactic length scales. When I was younger, I worked with computers and even worked in Silicon Valley for a while. I don't have much of a social life, but to balance out my undergrad schedule I took a few semesters of underwater basket weaving and ballroom dancing.
Mick Pletcher
Mick Pletcher

Mick is an SCCM administrator at the Architecture and Engineering firm Gresham, Smith, and Partners. He is responsible for deploying software to 700 machines in 13 locations and is also an iOS developer with one published iPhone app and waiting for approval of an iPad app.

He specializes in automation to limit human interaction for better error control and has worked on automation techniques for more than 10 years at three different firms. Previous to Gresham, Smith, and Partners, he was the Director of IT at Music City Record Distributors and a senior associate at UBS Financial Services.

Check out Mick's IT Blogs that specialize in Configuration Manager, PowerShell, Automation, VB Script, and MDT. There are also some miscellaneous topics of solutions he has run up on and resolved. The blogs were selected for the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs of 2012 and have been nominated again in 2013 by Biztech Magazine. Just recently, he is beginning production of the podcast DeploymentCast, which is all about deploying software.
Narainder ChandwaniNarainder
Narainder Chandwani

Narainder is a Managing Consultant at Foundstone where he is responsible for delivering projects from kickoff to final presentation. Narainder assists in pre-sales and manages client relationships for a number of recurring customers.

Narainder has managed global information security strategy and initiatives working closely with CISO’s for well-known financial institutions. Narainder has strong computer science fundamentals and software development experience. Prior to joining Foundstone, Narainder was a Security Engineer at Cenzic where he performed web application penetration tests and researched software Security.

PeaceJust a little paranoid, but he's here to help.
Robert McCurdyoperat0r
Robert McCurdyRobert is an Advisory Associate in KPMG LLP’s Southeast Advisory Services practice. Very skilled with hands-on technology projects focused on making portable versions of attack / penetration tools, custom scripted scanning applications and automation
Robert PortvlietRobert
Robert PortvlietRobert is a senior consultant and the wireless service line lead at Foundstone. He is also the course steward, and primary instructor for Foundstone's Ultimate Hacking: Wireless class. Robert has spoken at such notable conferences as Defcon 20, has taught at Blackhat USA 2011, and 2012, and is a frequent contributor to the Open Security Research blog (
Tim Heathcrashcart
Tim HeathTim had no knowledge of this picture being used. Wilpig is a tool.

St:eak: Solder Trainer: Entropy Approximator Kit

Tom CrossDecius
Tom CrossTom Cross wears many hats. He is a current member of IBM Internet Security System's X-Force Advanced Research Team, where he focuses on vulnerability analysis and emerging technologies. In 2001, Tom cofounded MemeStreams, a innovative collaborative blogging system that combines social networking and reputation systems technology. Tom has operated electronic communities both on the web and over the modem since 1991. He is also an Internet privacy and freedom advocate and frequently speaks on technology policy issues. In 1996 he cofounded Electronic Frontiers Georgia, where he participated in a successful effort to prevent the State of Georgia from banning pseudononymous speech online. Tom received a BS in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999.