It's Over!

Videos are now online at Google Video. I have added links on the Presentation Schedule for each video so that you can easily snag the ones you want.

Wow. What a weekend. Hopefully everybody that attended will be prepared for the forthcoming alien invasion. Just in case you missed it, here are a few links to pictures from the event.

PhreakNIC 0x0b

PhreakNIC is an annual gathering in Nashville, TN, for hackers, makers, security professionals, and general technology enthusiasts. Hours upon hours of both informative and entertaining presentations are given by volunteers and many areas are set up with the intent of encouraging socialization. In our 11th year, we are now the longest running non-commercial hacker convention in the United States.* PhreakNIC is organized by the Nashville 2600 Organization, which is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible charity. However, it takes many resources to organize, and help is given to PhreakNIC by other 2600 groups in the South East United States, as well as the Nashville Linux Users Group. Our thanks go out to all who contribute.

* According to our research. Summercon is older, but hasn't always been in the US, so it doesn't count. Pumpcon is also possibly older, but neither their site nor wikipedia have an archive to peruse.


The 11th Annual PhreakNIC (PN0x0b) will be held from Friday, October 19, 2007 through Sunday, October 21,2007 at the Days Inn Stadium in Nashville, TN. This is fifth year in the same hotel.

Special Events

As part of PhreakNIC, there will be several contests and other extra-curricular gatherings. So far we have:

More information will be provided as the details roll in, so check back often.


PhreakNIC is a conference put on not only for the hacker community, but by the hacker community. Without contributions of your time and knowledge there is no way that PhreakNIC can be a success. We need help from people in every area from checking badges to standing up in front of a crowd to give a presentation. To volunteer, simply fill out this form.

Art Contest

This year for our art contest we have sponsored a Worth1000 Photoshop Contest based upon our theme. If you are interested in participating, please see Worth1000 for complete rules and deadlines.

Steal Our Banner!

Please feel free to add a link from your blog or website. Above is the "official" banner for this year.

Special Message for This Year

Some of you may remember a prediction from Decius about next year. With that in mind, we will be using this year to prepare for the inevitable.

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