Hotel Information

The Days Inn Stadium is just North of The Coliseum, near the heart of downtown Nashville, TN. This location provides easy access from all compass points via interstate and is a short drive from the Nashville International Airport. While there are not a lot of dining choices within walking distance, finding a group of people to dine with is never a problem, unless you're just that annoying. PhreakNIC is a very social convention, so if you can't meet someone to talk with, you should log off of WoW and leave your room.

PhreakNIC has a block of over 120 rooms reserved, so when you call to book your room, make sure to tell them that you are with PhreakNIC. We have a negotiated rate of $67 per room night, with up to 4 adults per room. Since we have been in the same hotel for 5 years, we have a lot of control over the experience. Presentations will be broadcast over the hotel TV network, so feel free to bring a recording device. We will also be setting up a slightly more robust firewall on the hotel internet connection to account for the bandwidth hogs that are sure to show up.

Call 615.254.1551 and mention PhreakNIC to book your room

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