A note from the guy in charge...

Another year has passed, and another con has gone by. I'd like to thank all of you who attended, and all of you who helped out. This year was a little crunchy, as I got behind on the schedule a bit, and didn't get things updated as much as I wanted to. On the other hand, we had more multimedia on the website than every before, and we had two musicians on Friday night. I guess there's a give and take with everything. We continued the joke of the Ware chair toss, by issuing 'Ware Chairs'. Because of inclement weather, we were unable to have the contest. That being the case, we'll keep the award around for next year. Again on Friday night, we fed as many people as we could, with a barrage of hamburgers, hotdogs and fixins. This year we had several room parties in full swing, and also got to test out a new version of the photobooth by the guys from Makers Local 256. A coffee talk was augmented by the pancakes available on the ninth floor on Saturday morning, hosted by the Makers Local 256. Where else can you go and have a talk on home-brew nuclear projects, Lockpicking, Darknets, and roasting your own coffee?

Our staff put in alot of long hours getting things prepared, and the Volunteers did a great job of... well, volunteering. If you didn't get your volunteer shirt, I have the rest of them in a safe place. Let me know at phreaknic13[at]gmail.com, and we'll get something figured out. To my directors I'd like to say thank you for all of your hard work. Your efforts made for a wonderful time for our attendees, and l hope that you got to enjoy yourself too.

The videos are linked below, sans two of them at the moment. I have also linked Decius' transmission from Norway, as well as a few inciminating photos of Billy. :) If you have any suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc, please feel free to send them to phreaknic13[at]gmail.com. I'll pass them around the staff and let them know your thoughts.

We'll see you again next year, hopefully. We should have a good lineup of talks, some fun activities, and most of all, a good group of people to hang out and party with. See you then.

President, Nashville 2600

Videos: These are avi files, in DIVX format. Feel free to download them and peruse them at your convenience.

Acidus - Something New Something Web Something Not Security

Awards + Why you suck

Brian Blankership - DD-WRT

Brian Wilson & Ryan Linn - Its 9AM do you know where your hashes are

DOSMAN & Dave - Lock Picking is Not a Crime

Droops & Morgellon - Arduino Fun Part Deux

FAMULUS - Amateur Nuclear Fusion

HackerSpaces - Panel Talk

Intx80 of Dual Core Performance

Irongeek - Darknets

Java Talk - Brent Baldwin & Robert Jason talk Coffee

Presmike & Sippy - (RETRI) Rapid Enterprise Triaging

Ryan Anderson - How to Build a Cheap SAN

Scott Moulton - DIY Data Recovery Diagnostics

Tyler Pitchford - Introduction to Reverse Engineering

Ulysses - A Brief History of Locks

Decius Speaks

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