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PhreakNIC is recognized as the longest running non-profit convention of its kind in the United States. Orginally focused on programming and computer security; PhreakNIC has expanded and embraced the maker movement, home brewing, science, sci-fi, and gaming.

The organizers behind PhreakNIC recognize that a pleasant learning environment makes for a more memorable experience and this is exactly what has made it such a lasting event. While not in the main hall learning or teaching you can relax in the common room with old school computer games, video game consoles, tabletop games, refreshments, and comradery.


Details for early registration and why we're so darn cost effective and still don't allow for sponsors.

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This trainwreck can't be run without someone to blame. Sign up now and be part of the problem!

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Cavity Searches?

T-Shirts will be provided to let everyone know you came to PhreakNIC and got a cavity search

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Stolen Identity?

Stop calling me daddy I don't even let my real kids call me that

Ingress Field Day

Being supporters and innovators of technology we're sure several of you have either heard of Ingress or are well versed level 8 agents fighting the good fight for the Enlightened.

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Call For Papers

Ever had that urge to speak to a room full of strangers about something cool you've been working on or on the lessons you've learned in life?

Me neither! However, we are all about education and public awareness when it comes to computer security and upcoming technologies. Click here to see more about speaking at PhreakNIC

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Advertise for us

We know you all love it when people ask you to hang stuff up at work, at school, church..., etc. So we're gonna ask too!

This classy flier will look great in any common space and help us have more people which means when you tell someone you had a great time at PhreakNIC they won't stare at you blankly and wait for you to explain.

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