We are coming up on just a month out from PhreakNIC and the hotel reports that the block is filling in nicely. I have seen several of the pre-registrations coming in as well. Below there is some additional information for things we have either been working on but hadn't finalized or things that just need repeating.

First off we are having a whole hog barbecue on Saturday night and we are looking forward to sitting around for a good ole pig pickin'. The Makers Local 256 gave me the idea for this back in the spring and I have been working to make it happen. The details were finalized last week and we want to see everyone come out and enjoy it. The plan is for this to happen on Saturday Nov 5 during the 6pm dinner break. If a speaker and have multiple speaking events that weekend you might want to make sure this is on your schedule.

Production Products will be setting up a table with some of their fine products as well. All you makers out there will be interested in Personally I have been needing a new set of snips and will definitely be getting a pair.

Finally the schedule is nearly complete just waiting on confirmation from a few people but I can always find places for others. If you are interested in talking this year please send an abstract to president -at- For those of you speaking I will have an offer for you at the con to have your talk published as a magazine article if you wish. We have been contacted by a hacking magazine that would like to publish you, with your permission of course.

For those of you that remember the hotel from previous years the remodel work that has been completed is nothing short of breathtaking and you can get a preview from Please also get your reservations made as the hotel wants to open our block to general reservations the middle of October. There is a home game that weekend and the hotel is filling up. The hotel gets the warm and fuzzies when you all book early too.

Hopefully in the next few days I will get the preliminary info up for the scavenger hunt. You will need a camera phone and a twitter account or at least a camera and a way to post to twitter. If you have found the "s3krit" page on the website you already know part of the info. You have you found the "s3krit" page already right? One last time to say "s3krit", it's a hint. s3krit.

Dolemite still needs volunteers and we need your help to spread some fliers around

Speakers, local members, those that have pre-registered be sure to check out if you would like your picture, logo, or whatever to personalize your badge. We aren.t doing fancy programmable badges as that would be something you could do with a budget, instead we are offering an alternate form of custom badge. Some of the pictures uploaded so far have made me laugh, except for the goatse. smartass. Okay it did make me laugh too actually.

Last bit of news we should have the shirts up on the website maybe later this week as well. Working on the fine points of the design but the feedback on the preliminary versions have been positive.

Vice President, Nashville 2600

Nashville 2600 Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent under the law.