Please enter your contact information below. We understand that privacy is a key concern of the attendees of our convention. However, in order to effectively manage a group of volunteers, we must have a way to contact you. We do not require real names, but we do require some mechanism for reaching you in order to coordinate the efforts. If you are uncomfortable With share this information, we appreciate your patronage at PhreakNIC, but will be unable to use you as a volunteer.

Volunteers who work their shifts (two shifts of two hours each) will receive one shirt at no charge, after they have completed their shift requirements. You must specify your shirt size during this signup to ensure that you receive the size you want, otherwise it may be sold out by the time you finish your shifts.

Questions can be directed to

You will receive a confirmation email at the address that you enter below. You must click the link supplied within 72 hours to confirm your request. You will receive instructions from the Volunteer Coordinator shortly before the convention with your shift assignments. We will also send you a URL where you can log in and view your shifts.