Adrian CrenshawIrongeek
Adrian CrenshawAdrian Crenshaw has worked in the IT industry for the last fifteen years. He runs the information security website, which specializes in videos and articles that illustrate how to use various pen-testing and security tools. He did the cert chase for awhile (MCSE NT 4, CNE, A+, Network+. i-Net+) but stopped once he had to start paying for the tests himself. He's currently working on a Masters in Security Informatics, and is interested in obtaining a network security/research/teaching job in academia.
AestetixOne morning, when aestetix woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic cockroach.

Attribution: "Photo by Audrey Penven"

Billy HoffmanAcidus
Billy HoffmanZoompf Founder and CEO
Hewlett-Packard Web Security Research Group

Published in Wired, Make Magazine, Slashdot, G4TechTV, and various other journals and websites.

International and regular presenter at security conferences including RSA, Black Hat, AJAXWorld, and Shmoocon.

Author of the book Ajax Security, the definitive guide to web security in a Web 2.0 world, published by Addison Wesley in December 2007.

Chad RameyChad
Chad RameyChad Ramey is the 18yo owner/operator/builder of what is currently the world's smallest and most efficient fusion reactor.
DJ Inubito
DJ InubitoStarted playing bass in 1998, started DJing trance and hardcore music in 2003, started producing in 2007 jumping headfirst into the nerdcore genre. Currently I create general hip hop beats, VGM remixes, EDM tracks, and occasionally I do something that isnít made with a computer! Website
Elonka DuninElonka
Elonka DuninElonka was born in Los Angeles, studied Astronomy at UCLA, and then joined the United States Air Force, where she worked on the SR-71 and U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. Elonka is a world-traveler who speaks multiple languages, and has visited scores of countries around the world, and every continent (yes, including Antarctica). She has won awards for cracking various codes, such as when she cracked the PhreakNIC v3.0 Code, an up-until-Elonka unsolved puzzle created by se2600. Since September 11th, Elonka has also been helping out with the war on terrorism by teaching government agents about cryptography and what types of codes that Al Qaeda may be using. She is co-founder of the Kryptos Group, an online group of cryptographers and interested hobbyists trying to crack the last part of the code on the famous Kryptos sculpture at CIA Headquarters.
Foot Pound Force
Foot Pound ForceFoot Pound Force writes serious love songs to various types of network cabling. They've been known to break into spontaneous kazoo covers of the Imperial Death March. They weave pop hooks and bittersweet wistfulness into rock songs about old cartoons and breakfast foods. You probably won't dance, but be sure to install a lighter app on your phone and give them a listen. Maybe they'll strike a chord. Or maybe the Chord will Strike Back, you never know.
Howard WhiteHoward
Howard White
Joe SeanorInternetTracker
Joe SeanorJoe is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and has held that certification now for over 5 years. He has been security support for national cellular/data network, firewall deployment, design, and maintenance. He was also the Eastern United States Manager for the Avaya Enterprise Security Practice Division in charge of a team of security consultants. Where he developed Converged Network assessment procedures. He was also the Avaya Security spokesperson, where he spoke around the country on network security issues.
Makers Local 256
Makers Local 256Makers Local 256 is a group of like-minded individuals who have created a hacker space located in Huntsville, AL. We are a nonprofit charitable organization helping to join experienced and inexperienced tinkerers in an educational setting. Together we design and work on projects in all hobbyist/DIY fields, particularly where projects overlap multiple fields.
Michael A WalkerRangerZ
Michael A WalkerMichael is a recent graduate from Youngstown State University with a Honors Degree and graduated summa cum laude in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. Michael has been programming for the past 10 years in languages including Pascal, LOGO, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, C++, and Java. For the Past year and a half he has been doing research on the Android platform and developing testing applications for it. Including his Senior Honors Capstone which evaluated Android Java development compared to that of Native Android Device Development. He has even presented work his Android research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research for 2010. He currently attends Vanderbilt University for his Masters and then PhD in Computer Science.
Narainder ChandwaniNarainder
Narainder ChandwaniNarainder is a Senior Security Consultant at Foundstone where he specializes in software security and network penetration test across all major industries. He is also responsible for managing projects and client relationships for a number of recurring customers.
Nick LevayRattle
Nick LevayNick Levay is an Information Security Professional based out of the Washington, DC area.
Rachel KeslenskyRachel
Rachel KeslenskyI write Blog of Last Resort, a blog about making webcomics successful, from gathering audiences and finding new tools to widen your reach to making money off your hard labor.

I created the science-fiction webcomic Last Resort (Think Running Man done in the distant future, with a little Disney magic in the mix) and have drawn it for about a year so far, though the story's been in my head at least twice as long.

Rahul TyagiRahul
Rahul TyagiMasters of Science(Information Security) student at Johns Hopkins University - Information Security Institute and will be graduating in December 2011.
Tom CrossDecius
Tom CrossTom Cross wears many hats. He is a current member of IBM Internet Security System's X-Force Advanced Research Team, where he focuses on vulnerability analysis and emerging technologies. In 2001, Tom cofounded MemeStreams, a innovative collaborative blogging system that combines social networking and reputation systems technology. Tom has operated electronic communities both on the web and over the modem since 1991. He is also an Internet privacy and freedom advocate and frequently speaks on technology policy issues. In 1996 he cofounded Electronic Frontiers Georgia, where he participated in a successful effort to prevent the State of Georgia from banning pseudononymous speech online. Tom received a BS in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999.