When is PhreakNIC15?

November 4-6, 2011. PhreakNIC is typically held around Halloween on a weekend when the Titans are not playing at home. This year the Titans have three home games in a row and to keep with our timeframe we chose the last of the games to compete with. Please book your rooms early!

Where is PhreakNIC15?

Days Inn Stadium
211 North First Street
Nashville, TN 37211

What the heck is PhreakNIC?

Depending on who you ask it's either a reason to get together with old/new friends to drink and share war stories or it could be a "hacker" conference where people meet to share information.

Who is responsible for this trainwreck?

Nashville2600 is the non-profit organization that is the governing body responsible for planning the conference each year. Currently Notlarry is the president. The members of Nashville2600 do the majority of the work with exception for public speaking type occasions which are left solely for Notlarry.

Why should I attend PhreakNIC?

That answer is simple. If you have a curious mind then PhreakNIC is the place for you. If you have ever asked how something works or taken apart the toaster "just because", then this is your crowd. Many people come back year after year to meet up with friends to catch up as well as meet new folks in the community. Oh and we have those talk things too where you could learn somethingif you aren't in your room hungover.

I want to get emails about PhreakNIC or talk to someone RIGHT NOW!

We make announcements via the root mailing list of se2600 and also via #se2600 on Freenode(webchat). We idle on IRC so leave a message if you don't get a response right away OR you can drop a line to help -at- and you might get an answer quicker.

Cutting Costs

I like to talk about stuff

Well we like listening to you talk about stuff. If you'd like to give a formal presentation send a summary of what you'd like to talk about to president -at- To show our appreciation presenters get their pass for the weekend free. If they volunteer they can get their shirt free too, what a deal!

I would like to share a room

While we don't have a direct forum or anything else uber handy like that to help arrange splitting room costs please throw an email out to the root list or check with us on #se2600 on Freenode(webchat).

How do I get a free shirt?

The easiest way to get a free shirt is to sign up and be a volunteer for two shifts of two hours each over the weekend. Signup Here.


Something smells like butt.

Is it you? Did you remember to shower today, with soap? Everyone likes to have a good time and things can get overlooked in the middle of all the action. Nobody likes the stinky guy, please don't be him and bathe, with soap or shampoo if you're in a pinch.

This isn't my room

It's okay you drank a little too much last night and Corydon dragged you into his room for safety so you didn't get pwned in the hall. He swears he will call you later.

What was with RIPhreakNIC?

At PhreakNIC14 there was a set of stickers cycling around with a story that PhreakNIC was either dead or changing its name. Neither of these rumors are true and it was a bad joke in poor taste. There are a few conspiracy theories being tossed around that we will not acknowledge or participate in the spreading of. PhreakNIC and the staff organizing it want everyone to know that PhreakNIC is on again and we are looking forward to seeing all of you, our friends, for another great year.

Is there keg service available?

For those who aren't local, or don't know about what are called "Blue Laws" - laws regulating the sales and operations of alcoholic beverages: Nashville doesn't allow beer sales (by the bottle) on Sundays, so as such, any beer stores will not be open on Sunday. If you get a keg, make sure that the store you got it from is open on Sunday. We've done your homework for you - JJ's Market, which also hosts the local 2600 Meetings each month, both sells kegs and is open on Sundays. Their phone number is (615) 327-9055 and they are located at 1912 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 - that's about 2-3 miles from the hotel, by the way.