PhreakNIC 15

Geek Scavenger Hunt


As this is a hacker con the rules are open to interpretation and improvisation. If you don't like a rule or an item on the list and you can figure out an alternate way to read it. Find Wilpig and see if you can convince him. Social engineering is highly encouraged.

Some items will obviously not make for good pictures to be on twitter and may be presented to Notlarry or Wilpig for credit in person. Use good judgement as to wether or not the image you are posting will come back on you in some fashion. Wilpig and Notlarry will not be held responsible for anything illegal you do.

Item List

twitter @phreaknic #pn15Notlarry or Wilpig personallyTwitter or in person


Notlarry feed me with rules and info and stuff.

r00tw4rz will be at 14:00 saturday, the contest will run 2 hours, signups in the gaming area

Quake Tournament

1v1 deathmatch on classic maps. signup in the gaming area.