Hi I'm Notlarry and this year I will be your host to all things Phreak and NIC or PhreakNIC if you prefer. We have an exciting event planned for you this year and are looking forward to seeing all of you, our friends, once again.
notlarry puzzled
You came last year or the year before and it was okay... but not spectacular and you are trying to decide if it is worth the time and effort again. So ask me, "Notlarry, why should I attend PhreakNIC this year? What are you going to do that I want to do too?".
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Things on tap for PhreakNIC15

  1. I haven't seen Notlarry's underpants yet a.k.a. geek scavenger hunt
  2. Elonka and LaughingboyPfffft like getting married is a good excuse to not show up. Congrats man! are making triumphant returns this year
  3. I like to drink, come share something with me and i'll tell you a story
  4. Return of the 101/202/303 series talks
  5. The voices tell me i'm the head honcho this year.
  6. Lightning talks! Got something you want to talk about but can't fill a complete timeslot? Show up and share for these unscheduled much more condensed time slots.
  7. Are you a maker? Bring out your project(s) and share it with others on the completely remodeled thumbnail of 9th floor remodel 9th floor.thumbnail of 9th floor remodel
  8. Gaming!
    • Console By popular demand, Super Smash Brothers Brawl has been banned.
    • PC
    • Desktop
    • A.R.G.I.L.A.R.P.W.A.A.R.