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Q: What is PhreakNIC?

A: PhreakNIC is a technology conference held annually in Middle Tennessee. PhreakNIC started as an infosec hacker convention but has expanded over the years to include the maker scene, ham radio, DIY engineering, space and science nerds, the skeptics community, electronic and experimental music, gamers, anime, and general geekery.

Q: Why should I attend PhreakNIC?

A: Whether you're interested in technical education, hacking on software and hardware, sourcing maker supplies, building fusion reactors, launching rockets, playing with Legos, listening to weird music, wearing your best costume, gaming, and yes even some late-night drinking with your friends, PhreakNIC is the best Halloween party you'll ever attend.

Q: When is PhreakNIC?

A: The convention starts Thursday morning, October 30th, and runs non-stop through Sunday afternoon, November 2nd.

Q: Where is PhreakNIC?

A: PhreakNIC 18 will be held in Nashville, TN, at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel

Q: I want to do a talk at PhreakNIC. What do I do?

A. Submit to our Call For Papers. The deadline for PN18 is October 1st, but we accept submissions year-round. Interested in speaking at PN87? Submit and reserve your session today!

Q: I called the hotel to reserve a room. What do I tell them? 

A: Our group code is 1410PNICON.

Q: I want to share my vehicle or my room at PhreakNIC, to offset the cost. What should I do?

Get in touch with the community on the PhreakNIC Google group.

Q: What if I need to find a ride, or want to see if there is a room I can crash in?

Get in touch with the community on the PhreakNIC Google group.

Q: How much does all of this fun cost?

A: Pre-Registration is $25.00 until Friday, September 5th. Registration is $30.00 until October 24th. If you wait until the conference your ticket is $40 at the door. The T-Shirts are $20 each, unless you VOLUNTEER to help. If you do that, you work two 2 hour shifts, for a total of 4 hours, and get a FREE T-SHIRT. Otherwise, the shirts are $20. Unless you VOLUNTEER.

Q: Wow, you make a convincing argument. How do I VOLUNTEER?

A: Email, and let us know you'd like to help. We'll be in touch with you about your specific role and give you access to the organization channels.