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CryptoParty @ PhreakNIC

Let's get together and discuss the current events, trends, and tools in the world of cryptography and information security at PhreakNIC's in-house CryptoParty! We'll have a rotating panel to help answer your pressing questions, and maybe we'll have a few hands-on workshops for the willing. Time and volunteer skills permitting, topics and activities include (and are strictly NOT limited to):

  • PGP/GPG + Thunderbird setup and key signing
  • Panopticlick Golf Tournament: Lowest Bits Wins!
  • Browser Security Plug-in Reviews
  • Steganography 101: Business Insider's Most Popular GIFs of 2013
  • Build Your Own OnionPi Router [Required hardware is a Raspberry Pi, SD card, a compatible wifi adapter, learn more at adafruit]
  • Make some New Friends: OTR over Jitsi
  • Introduction to VPN: Let's Take a Trip to Japan
  • OPSEC: How not to Fail
  • Dealing with Copyright Trolls
  • Pond: when OTR and PGP isn't enough
  • Let's (Try To) Make a Tahoe-LAFS Onion Grid
  • Smashthestack Q&A
  • DEFCON and 30C3 Videos

CryptoParty is what you make of it! Be prepared to both learn from and teach your fellow PhreakNIC attendees.


Update, Oct 27: OnionPi Hardware Notice, via Alan Fay

If anyone is interested in building an OnionPi at PhreakNIC, I wanted to make sure everyone had time to overnight a few key hardware parts that are needed.

At minimum, you need a Raspberry Pi,  4GB SD card, and a *compatible* USB wifi module.  The module I used with great success was:

Adafruit also lists these modules as compatible:

If you want to get technical* about it, what you're looking for is a USB wifi module that can function as an access point under the trimmed down debian wheezy distro for Raspberry Pi (called, Raspian wheezy).

You need a 4GB SD card - I think might be able to get away with a 2GB SD card, that of course depends on the size* of the iso.

Raspberry Pi [$39]
4GB SD Card [$6]
Wifi module [$20]

Total cost: about $65 + tax/shipping

Looking forward to seeing/meeting everyone at PhreakNIC!


* you can pretty much do whatever you want if you want to write a wifi driver or trim an iso on short notice.  ;)  Maybe some of the LUG folks can help you bust that out.  ;)


Update, Oct 27th, pt02: via ASG @ DC404

Amazon has a starter kit that for $60. It is Prime eligible.