Dolemite at the Pig Roast

Pig Roast

After the overwhelming response to the pig roast last year we are attempting to pull off another for this year. If you run a company or work for someone that might want to sponsor this event and take all the credit for it please let us know! Email Wilpig and let him know if you or your company would like to sponsor this.

Magic Tournament

Quake Tournament

Old school quake on old computers unless we can score a couple of Raspberry Pi's

Drunken Racing

Return of drunken burnout! or some other racing game that has yet to be named but will be exciting all the same

Who wants to be a Geek-inaire

Prizes for answering geek trivia questions. There will either be one long session or a mix of that plus questions between talks. FREE STUFF!

Unreal Tournament 3v3 CTF

Best lego creation contest

Scavenger Hunt

This year almost the entire list is very doable without having to bring a lot of stuff. You and team will have your choice from the secret goody stash (a laser pointer, stuff etc) for the win. (Not to mention the coveted most motivated geek prestige that accompanies a win)

Can I and my friend both participate? As many people as you want can be in your team, but only one prize will be given, so fight it out amongst yourselves. Social Engineering is encouraged as well as rewarded bonus points as decided by the judges.

How do I play? Its very simple. A tweeted picture needs to be hashtagged to #pn16 for credit of the clue. Pictures may also be handed directly to a judge (Wilpig, Notlarry, Benthemeek).

All photos, tweets must be completed by 5am CST 11/11/2012 prizes will be awarded at that time. If you are not available at that time find one of the directors first thing in the morning.[a]

  1. +20 Donation to TAC from attached list or giftcard to one of the listed locations
  2. +5 You or team with at least 3 of the speakers (Can be separate pictures) Bonus +1 for each additional speaker & you pic
  3. +5 A lego creation in binary spelling your or one of your team.s first names
  4. +5 One of the directors holding a beverage. +3 Bonus if you can catch them unaware while taking a drink
  5. +5 NotLarry's pants (back by popular demand) (Hint:best to not choose the pair he is actually wearing atm.. )
  6. +5 Your name on the leaderboard at the end of a match on one of the unreal tournament machines
  7. +5 A fellow attendee picking their nose (+1 bonus is this is caught unaware and without consent)
  8. +5 You arm wrestling IronGeek (Another +5 if you win)
  9. +5 You wearing Aestetix's top hat
  10. +5 You wearing IronGeek's Derby hat (If he will let you)
  11. +5 You or teammate in the hot tub (+5 bonus if you are wearing a phreaknic shirt)
  12. +5 You at the con wearing any PhreakNIC shirt before PhreakNIC 12.
  13. +5 A picture of you giving NotLarry bunny ears.
  14. +5 You clinking glasses with Dolemite with some of his homebrew.
  15. +5 A picture of you and LaughingBoy.
  16. +5 A picture of you from the Maker's photo booth.
  17. +5 A entry made by you or team into the best lego creation contest
  18. +5 You holding a lock picking kit at the con.
  19. +5 A picture of yourself and Peaches' new puppy (A special appearance will be made)
  20. +5 Evidence of cannibalism at the con.
  21. +5 You and a horse at the con
  22. +10 You at the Play n Trade (across the street) or one of their business cards.
  23. +5 A picture of yourself in a compromising position with Corydon (extra points awarded if especially creative).
  24. +5 If you make it in the hotseat for "Who wants to a be a Geek-onaire"