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Adrian CrenshawIrongeek
Adrian CrenshawAdrian Crenshaw has worked in the IT industry for the last fifteen years. He runs the information security website, which specializes in videos and articles that illustrate how to use various pen-testing and security tools. He did the cert chase for awhile (MCSE NT 4, CNE, A+, Network+. i-Net+) but stopped once he had to start paying for the tests himself. He's currently working on a Masters in Security Informatics, and is interested in obtaining a network security/research/teaching job in academia.
AestetixOne morning, when aestetix woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic cockroach.

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Brad Antoniewicz
Brad AntoniewiczBrad works in Foundstone's open security research division to uncover flaws in popular technologies. He is a contributing author to both the Hacking Exposed and Hacking Exposed: Wireless series of books and has authored various internal/external Foundstone tools, whitepapers, and methodologies.
Chad RameyChad
Chad RameyChad Ramey is the 18yo owner/operator/builder of what is currently the world's smallest and most efficient fusion reactor.
Douglas SchmidtDr. Schmidt
Douglas SchmidtDr. Schmidt co-authored several books in the Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture series for Wiley & Sons. Dr. Schmidt has served as a Program Manager in the DARPA Information eXplotation Office (IXO) and Information Technology Office (ITO), where he led the national effort on QoS-enabled component middleware research in the Program Composition for Embedded Systems (PCES) program. In addition to his academic research, Dr. Schmidt has two decades of experience developing DRE middleware and model-driven engineering tools.
Erin SheltonZymo
Erin SheltonZymo formally trained as a chemist in college, but quickly discovered after graduation that his chosen field offered little to hold his interest ($$$). Enjoying all things related to physical and cyber security, he worked as a bonded Safe and Vault Cracker & Locksmith before working in IT. Zymo has now worked in the IT industry for the last 15 years and currently serves on the Incident Response Team for a local University. Zymo started homebrewing well over a decade ago when his ex-wife bought him a beer making kit for Christmas; he became so consumed with his new hobby that he didn't notice a divorce brewing! To best counter the bitter hoppy taste of divorce and put his degree to use he decided that he should continue to brew beer frequently. Over the course of his years of brewing, Zymo claims to have spent almost enough money on his brewing "habit" to buy at least one new car.
Foot Pound Force
Foot Pound ForceFoot Pound Force writes serious love songs to various types of network cabling. They've been known to break into spontaneous kazoo covers of the Imperial Death March. They weave pop hooks and bittersweet wistfulness into rock songs about old cartoons and breakfast foods. You probably won't dance, but be sure to install a lighter app on your phone and give them a listen. Maybe they'll strike a chord. Or maybe the Chord will Strike Back, you never know.
Gregory C. Mabry
Gregory C. MabryDr. Mabry is a former Army Hospital CIO. He left his job as a CIO to become an Army social worker. His research interests include internet and online gaming addiction. You can usually find him at Ft. Campbell, KY or online playing Left 4 Dead 2. Dr. Mabry earned a BS in Sociology from Austin Peay State University, a MA in Information Technology Management from Webster University, a Master of Social Work from Fayetteville State University, and a Doctorate in Psychology from California Southern University.
Kim Smith & Kim LilleyThe Kims
Kim Smith & Kim LilleyKim Smith, Assistive Technology Specialist
Kim Lilley, Rehabilitation Engineer
Makers Local 256
Makers Local 256Makers Local 256 is a group of like-minded individuals who have created a hacker space located in Huntsville, AL. We are a nonprofit charitable organization helping to join experienced and inexperienced tinkerers in an educational setting. Together we design and work on projects in all hobbyist/DIY fields, particularly where projects overlap multiple fields.
Michael SnyderSir_Zerp
Michael SnyderI am a forty year old grad student who studies magnetism from the atomic to the galactic length scales. When I was younger, I worked with computers and even worked in Silicon Valley for a while. I don't have much of a social life, but to balance out my undergrad schedule I took a few semesters of underwater basket weaving and ballroom dancing.
Paul Coggin
Paul CogginCoggin is responsible for designing and building broadband multi-service networks supporting MPLS, VoIP and IPTV for service providers and leading cyber security research efforts. He also performs network security architecture assessments and penetration tests for private businesses, utility companies, service providers and government entities.

Internetwork Consulting Solutions Architect
Dynetics, Inc

PeaceJust a little paranoid, but he's here to help.
Rick SandersRick
Rick SandersThe legal problems and challenges presented by software, hardware, e-commerce, social media and the Internet have long engaged Aaron | Sanders founder Rick Sanders’ interest. Rick’s first two cases of his career in Silicon Valley in 2001 involved the business and technology of making music available over the Internet. Rick was hooked on intellectual property (“IP”) and especially the Internet.
Robert PortvlietRobert
Robert PortvlietRobert is a senior consultant and the wireless service line lead at Foundstone. He is also the course steward, and primary instructor for Foundstone's Ultimate Hacking: Wireless class. Robert has spoken at such notable conferences as Defcon 20, has taught at Blackhat USA 2011, and 2012, and is a frequent contributor to the Open Security Research blog (
Scott MillikenDolemite
Scott MillikenScott Milliken started his career as a programmer, working for a bar coding equipment systems integrator to write inventory and logistics applications. In the mid-'90s he took a more active role within the data center, as he became a Sr. UNIX Administrator with IMS Health in Atlanta, GA, but handled everything from racking and cabling to managing the power distribution. In 1999, he returned to his hometown of Nashville, TN, to work for a CLEC during the dot-com boom as a network engineer. Scott is the lead developer for the Open Source Software project, openDCIM.

Make something up about Dolemite that makes him sound like a national threat.

sp0russp0rus is a Fraternal Order Of LockSport (FOOLS) member who has helped run several lockpicking villages for various conferences. He spends several hours each week researching and practicing lockpicking techniques, while providing some locksmithing services in the north Mississippi area.
Thomas ClementsMaxieZ
Thomas ClementsThomas Clements has spent 12 years in the information security. He’s currently employed as a security architect at Dell SecureWorks and has successfully deployed DNSsec. He likes long walks on the beach, pina colada's and getting caught in the rain.
Tim Heathcrashcart
Tim HeathTim had no knowledge of this picture being used. Wilpig is a tool.

St:eak: Solder Trainer: Entropy Approximator Kit

Tom CrossDecius
Tom CrossTom Cross wears many hats. He is a current member of IBM Internet Security System's X-Force Advanced Research Team, where he focuses on vulnerability analysis and emerging technologies. In 2001, Tom cofounded MemeStreams, a innovative collaborative blogging system that combines social networking and reputation systems technology. Tom has operated electronic communities both on the web and over the modem since 1991. He is also an Internet privacy and freedom advocate and frequently speaks on technology policy issues. In 1996 he cofounded Electronic Frontiers Georgia, where he participated in a successful effort to prevent the State of Georgia from banning pseudononymous speech online. Tom received a BS in Computer Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1999.
Winn SchwartauWinn
Winn SchwartauWinn Schwartau is recognized as one of the world’s top experts on security, privacy, infowar, cyber-terrorism and related topics. His approach makes highly technical security subjects understandable, entertaining, engaging and thought-provoking. Audiences find themselves challenged with original ideas that are related through historical analogy and metaphor and made relevant to the present and future world. As an acknowledged global expert in the field of information security, Mr. Schwartau has testified before Congress, appeared on networks and shows such as Larry King, Nightline, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNBC, as well as hundreds of radio shows nationwide. Winn’s honors include: Top 20 Security Industry Pioneers in 2009; Top 25 Most Influential People for 2008 by Security Magazine; Top 5 Security Thinkers for 2007 by SC Magazine for IT Security Professionals; and in 2002 he was honored as a Power Thinker and one of the 50 Most Powerful People by Network World. Mr. Schwartua has published numerous books including: Time Based Security, Cybershock, Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway, CyberChrist Meets Lady Luck, and CyberChrist Bites the Big Apple, Firewalls 101, Information Warfare and Introduction to Internet Security. He is the past president of the American Computer Security Industries, Inc. Mr. Schwartau developed the COMPSEC security technology, which is the foundation of the Novel’s C2 secure Netware. His work has received a coveted slot on the National Computer Security Center’s (NSA’s) Evaluated Product List, and he also developed the ENIGMA and ENIX.SYS security systems.