PHREAKNIC21: Mufreesboro TN. November 3rd - 5th

Come speak at PhreakNIC

PhreakNIC welcomes speakers on a wide range of topics, from many different backgrounds. Are you interested in presenting? Great! We are currently accepting submissions.

The PhreakNIC Call For Papers runs year round, so it's never too early to submit; however, the cut-off for PhreakNIC submissions is October 1st, or until we run out of space

You can submit more than one talk. Submissions are evaluated by the conference organizers based on the merits of the content, its appeal to PhreakNIC attendees, and the qualifications of the speaker. PhreakNIC operates according to a strict non-discrimination policy.

You can publicly post your proposal to the Nashville 2600 Root mailing list if you'd like some (polite) feedback from experienced speakers.

If your submission is accepted, we'll need a detailed talk description, including links to relevant resources, if any, a biography, and a headshot, for the speakers page on the PhreakNIC website. Unless requested otherwise, all talks will be recorded and put online under a Creative Commons/copyleft license (i.e., - may be freely redistributed for non-profit/non-commercial purposes, with attribution & if unaltered; science/educational use encouraged) after the convention, both on our website and via (we'll let you see the video first & make requested edits if necessary before uploading).

Friendly advice: People are paying to attend PhreakNIC. Some may travel quite a distance to see your talk. Please be on time, be professional, and give them their money's worth.

A Note on Topics:

Hacking and infosec are the core of the convention, or roughly 50% of the content, but we're also expanding to include DIY hardware hacking/making, IT-related classes & workshops, circuit bending & electronic/experimental music, NASA & space programming, general science & engineering, miscellaneous interesting geeky topics, etc. For those of you familiar with Dragon Con, if it would be appropriate for the EFF Track, the Science Track, the Space Track, the Skeptics Track, the Robotics and Maker Track, or the podcasting track, it would be appropriate for PhreakNIC.

Workshops are talks that run longer than 50 minutes, and may in fact involve projects lasting the entire weekend, but should probably be limited to groups of ~20-25 people if they are of a hands-on nature & close instruction is required. Performances would be live music, djs, film screenings, etc. Contact us for further details if you are interested in submitting a Workshop or Performance.

If you would like to speak, host a panel, run a workshop, show movies or anime, fire up a nuclear reactor, conduct a rant, host a party, or anything else interesting, please let us know! This year’s theme is “Back to our Roots”, but we are looking for all kinds of topics, including but not limited to 0-days, hardware hacking, darkweb/darknet, lockpicking, cryptocurrency, pen testing, anything bleeding edge, or even historical or cultural if it might be of interest to tech/security geeks.

Fill out the above form or please send a description of what you’d like to do, to:

Things to include when you email us your submission: