Time Speaker Description
Fri, 11:30 Scott Milliken Opening Announcements
12:00 Catonic Professional WiFi
13:00 Jim Noble Outbound Content Compliance
14:00 MaxieZ Web Security 101
15:00 Rodney Thayer A Security Analysis of Skype
16:00 Prof. Robert Knop Blender
17:00 Virgil Artificial Life
18:00 Acidus Layer 7 Fun: Extending Web Apps in Interesting Ways
21:00 Mary M. Buckner Writing Cyberpunk Novels
22:00 Jason Scott BBS Documentary Drinking Game
Sat, 10:00 Greg Zapf Vehicular Computing
11:00 nathe Dr. Cablelove
12:00 Kenneth Swain Hacker to Professional
13:00 Critical Mass Identity Theft
14:00 Dolemite MythTV
15:00 Decius and Rattle Information Warfare for The People
16:00 Adam Meyers Smoke and Mirrors
17:00 Skydog, Qui-Gon, and Sysmin Wifi Panel
18:00 Strick Croquet
19:00 Amy H. Sturgis, PhD. Still Big Brother
21:00 Decius The Rant
22:00 noxfu Costume Contest and
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