Events taking place at PhreakNIC 9:

NLUG Installfest

Bring a machine and be introduced into the world of Open Source Software, upgrade a current system, or try out a new distribution! If you would like to install Linux on your computer (either by itself or dual-boot with Windows), you should bring you computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all power cables necessary for your system. Additionally, if you have a network card, you are encouraged to bring your Ethernet patch cable.

For installation on a laptop, bring your laptop acceessories,, including your external power cable, network card (if applicable), and CD-ROM (if detached).

We will have a local NFS server containing current and past Linux distributions, as well as a few other free operating systems.

Any questions should be directed to:

Wi-Fi Race

See the rules on!

Pumpkin Carving Contest


  1. Pumpkin carving should somehow relate in technology theme in some form or another.
  2. Live electronics may be allowed, and will earn extra points in judging, if it can serve some useful purpose. (I.E. Working Hub, ETC)
  3. No carving shall be done on conference floor for liability reasons, should injuries occur.
  4. Carving and fine tuning of pumpkin is allowed in hotel rooms, again, please be very careful, and clean up your mess. (Use some form of intelligence to avoid a trip to the hospital, please, and newspaper/plastic to protect the floor/furniture.)
  5. All entries shall be turned in to Carving Event Organizer (Shadow404), no later than 5:00p.m. Saturday of the con.
  6. Award presentations will take place on Saturday at the same time as the costume awards.
  7. Participants do not have to be present to win at time of award presentation, but it is advised.
  8. Pumpkin will have internal lighting of some kind. It can be as simple as a candle or complex as a mini laser show. The choice is yours completely.
  9. Special effects of a safe and respectable manner are encouraged. Keep in mind, if your pumpkin is unsafe to look at, or move, your entry will be automatically disqualified.
  10. Extra points will be awarded for original creative ideas, if a tie breaker is needed.
  11. If your pumpkin should require special instructions to turn on, or enable certain features a small instruction card or diagram should be included. Otherwise, I will not try to do it myself, as I will not be responsible for breaking anything valuable.
  12. Pumpkin is not provided at confrence. Pumpkin should be bought ahead of time and all major carving is suggested to be done at home.


The three categories for this event are:

  1. Originality (10 Max Points)
  2. Complexity (10 Max Points)
  3. Technically Themed (10 Max Points)

    Max points able to obtain are 30 points for a perfect score, though to achieve this score the judge will have to be completely blown away by your entry. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Any questions should be directed to:

Masquerade (Costume Contest)

The PhreakNIC Masquerade is a time-honored tradition, even if it's not exactly respectable... or revered...

The 2005 contest will have different categories other than our usual "Best in Show and that's it" category, since we all know that the pretty girl in the PVC dress is going to win best costume every time. (Am I wrong?)

Download the entry form. Forms will be available at the convention as well.

This year, the categories are:

Here are the rules:

  1. All masquerade entrants must register at the PhreakNIC Masquerade registration table before 5 pm on the Saturday of the convention. Entrants may enter only one category per costume.
  2. Costumes that have won a previous PhreakNIC costume contest are not permitted to compete. You as the winner are not ineligible; only the winning costume.
  3. An entry may be an individual or a group; however, a winning entry will recieve only one prize.
  4. Costumes worn in the hallways during PhreakNIC may compete in the masquerade. However, we do encourage you to save your creations for the stage and wear them in the halls after the contest.
  5. Presentations may not exceed two (2) minutes on stage; however, shorter is generally better. The judges can be easily bored, and a bored judge is an unhappy judge. Action is generally better than words. Plan your presentation to give the judges enough time to view your costume from all sides. The presentation should draw attention to any particularly interesting aspect of the design or construction. Presentation can make a mediocre costume great, or can break a good one.
  6. A microphone (just one) will most likely be available on the stage. However, we do encourage that you have your voiceover or music prerecorded to be played by our sound technician, or have it read by the Masquerade Commentator. You are welcome to shout from the stage if you wish, but remember that if the audience can't hear you, you may be booed off the stage...
  7. We will have audio available for taped musical and/or vocal accompaniment to your presentation. CDs must have the track # clearly marked on the jewel box. It is also a good idea to have your track # identified on the CD itself. Please be sure your name and phone # are on the jewel box, as well. Please plan your music length to start and end with your presentation.
  8. Weapons and combat routines must be cleared with the Masquerade Director prior to the contest. Fire, flame or projectiles of any sort will not be allowed.
  9. You must leave the stage as clean as it was when you set foot on it. Arrange to pick up any props, costume pieces (like dramatically discarded capes) or any mess that your costume generates.
  10. No messy or sticky substances (wet, dry or oily) are allowed as part of the costume or presentation. This definitely includes entrants of the Miss PhreakNIC category.
  11. Full nudity is not allowed. We will have kiddies in the audience. Pasties at a minimum for girls, and no full frontal nudity for either gender.
  12. Live animals will not be allowed on stage, unless they are assisting the handicapped.
  13. Surprise the audience, surprise the judges, surprise yourself! But do not surprise the Masquerade Director or her staff.
  14. If you feel that your costume or presentation will violate any of these rules, please check with the Masquerade Director prior to construction or any substantial cost to yourself. If you show up at the convention with a costume or presentation which violates the rules, most likely it will not make it to the stage.

Any questions should be directed to: