PhreakNIC 22


Schedule Up!

Friday, October 19th Talk Activity
9:00 AM (Registration Opens)
10:00 AM Welcome to PhreakNIC!
11:00 AM Cloudless Home Automation in a Cloudy World (Activites room opens)
12:00 PM Friday Lunch Break (NETKOTH opens)
1:00 PM GNU Make: A 42 year old build tool
2:00 PM Teaching OpenSCAD to Bob
3:00 PM Let’s Get JAMming: An introduction to static site generators
4:00 PM PowerShell: The windows administrator’s swiss army knife
5:00 PM Friday Dinner Break
6:00 PM Friday Dinner Break
7:00 PM Home labs: Gambling between a Christmas Card from the Power Company, or a surprise DEA Bust
8:00 PM Hacking 101 Panel
9:00 PM After Panel (Board Games, hangout, activites)
Saturday, October 19th
9:00 AM (Registration Opens)
10:00 AM Intro to Field Programmable Gate Arrays
11:00 AM Inside the code of an automotive Engine Control Module Kids Track Opens
12:00 PM Saturday Lunch Break Kids Track Continues
1:00 PM Waiting for the FBI – Update on FOIA Inquiry for Time Bomber Book
2:00 PM REST is dead, long live GraphQL! Kids Track Final Hour
3:00 PM Totally_Not_RMcCurdy.exe
4:00 PM Gaslighting: Manipulating Reality Geek Ladies’ Tea Party
5:00 PM Saturday Dinner Break – Geek Potluck (Geek Pot luck) NETKOTH Ends
6:00 PM Saturday Dinner Break – Geek Potluck
7:00 PM Clustering, Kubernetes, and Rasberry Pi; Oh My!
8:00 PM PhreakNIC Closing Remarks / Lightning Talks
9:00 PM After talks end (Board Games, hangout, activites)

Kid’s track registrations

Know a youngster whose favorite questions are ‘Why?” and “How?”

(best for ages 8-14)

Pre-register them for our kid’s track: (only while tickets last)

  • Learn to solder a small badge with a soldering iron.

     Note:  Please be accompanied by a responsible adult (adult need not purchase an admission but is expected to supervise their child)

  • Learn to make logos with the free open source art program Gimp!
  • Learn how to fly (and get to keep) their own mini quad copter drone!
  • Learn about resistance and play with a makey makey! ( the invention kit for everyone)
  • Learn how some props in magic tricks work!
  • Learn how to tie balloon animals!
  • Play some computer games

and more!

Some of the featured talks this year.. (with a few more to come)

Cloudless Home Automation in a Cloudy World
Gaslighting: Manipulating Reality

Website creation that fast, beautiful, simple and .. secure??

Come hear Dennis Stepp’s talk: “Let’s Get JAMming: An introduction to static site generators”.  “In under an hour you can build your blog, project documentation, or even a very basic eCommerce site. ”  The talk will be accompanied by several demonstrations. Even if you don’t make sites yourself, the next time you get that dreaded “You know about computers! – How should I build a website?”  Then you will know. (.. and knowing is half the battle 😉 )

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