SkyDog - Director of Directors, President, Director of FAIL


This Space for RENT

  SomeninjaMaster - Vice President
Known to be so well armed that if he fell down, he'd go off, Someninja has taken the responsibility of second seat on this bus ride to hell with the fervor of a fat kid going after the last donut... Someninja's duties include poking and prodding SkyDog to get the website done, finding cool swag for this year's con, and generally observing Skydog's anxiety attacks. Someninja will be working towards taking over the conference, so make sure you give him enough hell.

LadyMerlin - Director of Registration

Our Resident Rocket Scientist, LadyMerlin is in charge of Registration this year. She'll be the one riding herd on the registration desk people, making sure that T-shirt sales and registration goes smoothly. If you have any issues with the registration desk, make sure you submit them to her politely. She too, may be armed.


  NightCarnage - Director of A/V
Nightcarnage is leading the charge for a kinder, gentler audio visual experience. With an extensive background in high-end technology installs, Night is the right mix of passive-agresiveness and attention to detail, offset with the hacker spirit. When Night isn't behind the audio/video rig, shake his hand and thank him for making it possible to watch the talk from the room, and ensuring that you can see a talk after the con after having slept thru it with a hangover and a midget. Night is also available for weddings and baht-mitzvahs. Do not taunt Happy-Fun-Nightcarnage. Do not incur the wrath of Nightcarnage. Your mileage may vary, offer not available in most states.
  MudFlap - Director of Volunteers
Known for his ability to conjur up all manner of items upon request, negotiate with brick walls to get them to move, and having single-handedly convinced a suicide bomber to "take that shit over there", Mudflap is in charge of Volunteer wrangling this year. As long as you aren't an intern, he'll be nice. If he asks if you want the "intern experience", say no... And run. Mudflap runs on beer, no matter the brand/quality. If he's empty handed, make sure he at least loses the use of one hand by having to hold a cool one.
  SeeBlind - Director of Networking
Often mistaken for a popular blues singer, Seeblind is in charge of the network this year. Having held the position of "Fox" for the wifi race before, Seeblind has continued his quest for media blackout. Working from the seclusion of a bunker in Kansas, he's spent many an hour trying to figure out how to keep you hooligans from getting into trouble on the intarwebs. Since that isn't quite possible, he'll be spending the bulk of the con sniffing your passwords to your myspace and facebook accounts, where he'll have a heyday talking to that cute girl in your friends list that you deperately want to pork, but have no chance with. He'll smooth talk her to the point of giving in, then reveal to her that you sleep on "Star Wars" sheets, and secretly live with your parents. He's a cruel bastard that way. Good luck.
  NotLarry - Director of Gaming
What can be said about NotLarry that can't be summed up by the picture on the left... That's what we thought. NL is a dad, albeit an eccentric one, to two fine young kids. When he's not playing WOW "with the kids", he's trying to find new and exciting ways to entertain them. Probably the oldest guy you'll see on a skateboard, and the youngest at heart, NL is in charge of Gaming this year. He'll be hanging out in the Cafe, managing all of the contests, and ensuring quality control of all of the festivities. We've asked him to keep his pants on this year, and after some consternation, he's agreed. We have put in the failsafe of ensuring that he's at least wearing boxers this year, so just in case he goes against his word, the world won't need therapy. When you see him running around wildly, stop him and ask him about that thing with that guy that time. He loves that game...
  TieFighter - Co-Director of Courtesy Enforcement
Back again for another dose of fun, Tiefighter leaves the corporate world for a weekend of drinking and partying with his peers... Wait.. That's every weekend!!! Tiefighter will be working with B3ast, ensuring that your congoing experience is a pleasant one. In the event you see this man with an entourage of large guys behind him, make sure to make a hole and let them thru. If he begins to chase you, realize that you are the person he's looking for, and it's best to just stop and lie prone, hands behind your head. No, seriously, he's polite, and in his southern gentlemen way will ask you to step outside and have a conversation if necessary. The fact that he will be surrounded by a wall of Courtesy Enforcement agents should have no bearing at all.

B3AST - Co-Director of Courtesy Enforcement
Having spent many years in the corporate world, B3ast has mastered the art of pessimism. Tell him about your plan to steal something from the con, or cause a large disruption, and he'll tell you how it's a bad idea, etc. Seriously. This guy is the other half of the Courtesy Enforcement staff, and is responsible for 1/4 of the weight. He's taken plently of martial arts, and will probably tell me how he's gonna kill me for writing all of this drivel, but will most likely resort to tearing your arm off and beating you about the head and neck with it. He's big, he's bad, and he's a teddy bear. Make sure he's happy, so that we don't have to call in the tranqulizer guns and the hot blonde. Last year we missed and tagged her right in the butt. It made for good video, be we had a hard time getting her away from him after that.


Tuttle - Director of Sleepy Time
Awww. Ladies, isn't he cute? Tuttle is in charge of sleepy time this year. If you see this man, shake his hand, and thank him. If you find him asleep, DO NOT bother him. Last year he helped SkyDog take care of things during the con, and rarely ever slept. This year he's in charge of fundraising for the hacker consortium, although he does not know it yet. :)