Presmike (Mike Murphy)
(CISSP, CEH, ACSA) has spent the last 5 years of his life analyzing and responding to network intrusions. As an incident response analyst he has spent many long nights performing forensics, network analysis, malware analysis and writing reports for those who have been broken into. He currently manages a 24/7 incident response team where many of the challenges and lessons learned have lead him to the creation of the methodology discussed in this talk. Michael has previously guest lectured at Johns Hopkins, and spoken at other conferences such as Blackhat, Shmoocon, Phreaknic and Outerzone. Michael is a founding member of the Hexagon Security Group and parties with the HackerPimps every year at DEFCON. When Michael is not catching cyber criminals and cleaning up networks he likes to travel and drive his Corvette to the limits.
  Sippy (Aaron LeMasters)
(CISSP, GCIH, CSTP, M.S. George Washington University) is a seasoned computer nerd specializing in computer forensics and penetration testing. Most of his five years of formal experience has been spent defending enterprise networks with millions of hosts. However, he is a researcher at heart and prefers to tackle advanced topics such as Operating System Integrity, Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis. Aaron is an enthusiastic prototypist and enjoys developing security tools, authoring technical whitepapers and speaking at technical forums and security conferences. In his spare time, Aaron plays basketball, draws, jams on his Epi Les Paul, and travels frequently to New York City with his wife.
  Acidus (Billy Hoffman)
Billy has spoken at the last 8 Phreaknics and with the exception of Phreaknic 6 he has never turned in a CFP or Bio on time. He's not entirely sure why you all take such an interest in the silly projects he works on but is certainly is glad that you do.(He also loves Skydog unconditionally, but platonically.)
  IronGeek (Adrian Crenshaw)
Adrian Crenshaw has worked in the IT industry for the last thirteen years. He runs the information security website Irongeek.com, which specializes in videos and articles that illustrate how to use various pen-testing and security tools.
  Tyler "Trip" Pitchford, Esq.
Holds degrees in Software Architecture from New College of Florida and a Juris Doctor from the Stetson University College of Law. He co-founded the Azureus Bittorrent client in 2003 and currently works as CTO for Digome, LLC in Nashville, TN. His work experience includes the Florida State Attorney's office, the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, and the Florida Supreme Court. Tyler has previously presented at PhreakNic,  Outerz0ne, Shmoocon, ToorCamp, and DefCon. Additionally, he has taught several courses on computer programming and security throughout the years.
  Scott "Munge & Plunder" Moulton
Scott Moulton is a master at Data Recovery working for some of the biggest names. His class become so popular it has been picked up by SANS. Scott wrote a Forensic Data Recovery class and is the lead instructor SANS Data Recovery Forensics. Scott Moulton is currently writing a book on Data Recovery. Scott likes to give Skydog a hard time about his RAID array and is glad Skydog earned the skills to recover it by taking one of Scott's Data Recovery Classes.
  Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson flunked out of UT Chattanooga without a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering in 2000 and has recently mastered the art of writing about himself in third-person. He has worked in IT for a decade or so and is currently a systems engineer at WorldSpice Technologies, a small ISP in Memphis, the best city on Earth.
Famulus is an entrepreneur and ruby/rails developer. In 2008 he learned of the Bussard fusion reactor and left the software world to try and build a working Bussard Reactor. In June of 2009 he began working full time on nuclear fusion research. 

Sudopod holds a B.S. in Physics and a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering. He has worked in the nuclear power industry for a year since graduating and is beginning work toward a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Sudopod's research interests include computer modeling of space radiation shielding and fusion thrusters for space propulsion.

  Joseph Walton (Ulysses)
At 15 bought my first real set of lock picks, that same day was my first run in with the law as I was picking the Schlage on my house (with great success). After that I was quickly on my way to being that creepy guy in the back of class picking locks for sport. It was that same year I stumbled into cinus the first person I met who was interested in digital and physical security. Six years later we found our-selfs building the Cowtown Computer Congress Kansas City, a hackerspace in a cave 80 feet below the surface.
4 years in the USAF as a Computer, Network, Cryptography, and Telephone Switching Tech. A year with the NSHC in S. Korea Performing R&D as the Senior Security Engineer and Lead Security Consultant. Currently acting military liaison and sales at NeoCatena.
  Brent Baldwin
Since picking up the coffee habit in his 30s, Brent Baldwin has explored the big world of roasting and brewing coffee. Until he met Robert, he considered himself Nashville's most extreme coffee geek. He carried his obsession into his job, where he works in marketing for an engineering company. Before long, he had the whole department joining in with lots of coffee talk and daily bean tastings. He went too far, though, the day he ran out of beans and roasted some greens in the kitchen toaster oven. That produced more smoke than his non-smoking building had ever seen (the Commerce Center downtown), a visit by building management, and a firm reprimand from the boss. Now he keeps most of his coffee shenanigans to his private life.
  Robert Jason
Robert Jason is a multi-talented songwriter, producer, composer, and studio vocalist, whose songs have been recorded by Alabama, Reba McEntire, Barry White, and The Fox Brothers. His hits include the No. 1 "She's No Ordinary Girl" as recorded by Alabama. But that's just what he does to keep the lights on and the roaster stoked. What he really loves is coffee. A pioneer in home roasting, he beta-tested one of the prototype Behmors, the first affordable home roaster that will roast a pound of coffee. As for espresso, he's as geeky as you can get. When the shots count, he uses a manual grinder and a lever espresso machine (Olympia).

When not picking locks and boozing dosman occasionally works as a sysadmin to pay the bills. He also enjoys electronics, radio, and moo coding. He is also a member of FOOLS (Fraternal Order Of Lock Sport) and the Infonomicon Computer Club.

Dave recently graduated from a small college in New York and has been working for a large telco for the past three years. He is a member of TOOOL US and has been fascinated by all aspects of security and technology as far back as he can remember.