2nd Annual Ware Chair Toss - Join us on Friday evening in the parking lot, to see who can throw a chair the farthest. Two years ago, Ware proved that he was indeed at terrible drunk by tossing a chair off the roof of the hotel. Having had to pay $75 for the chair, he promised that he learned his lesson. As a way to commemorate his newfound clarity, we decided to start an event in his honor. The Chair toss is the genesis of that moment.
Wifirace - goto Wifirace.com for more information. It's an annual contest for Phreaknic, this being the sixth year. Hosted by SkyDog, contestants chase a wifi "Fox" around an 11 square mile area of Nashville,
Scavenger Hunt - Hosted by LadyMerlin, Contestants are given a list of items to find. More info to come.
G33kShoot - goto www.g33kshoot.com for galleries and information. Not a sanctioned phreaknic event, alot of the people that show up to phreaknic often goto this after-event. Bring your weapons and ammo, and go fire off a few rounds after a nice hearty breakfast.