October 24th - 25th, 2008
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Call for Papers!

The Call for Papers for Phreaknic 12 is now open!

Please include the following information when submitting a talk:

*** Your name as the primary contact.

Let us know who you are, and how to contact you. If you're the person submitting the talk information, you're the one we're coming to when we let you know you've been accepted.

*** The name of everyone else included in the talk

If you're doing a panel talk, we need to know who is going to be on it BEFORE the con takes place. Certain things have to be done before the con, like the program, etc.

*** Who do you think your audience includes?

Let us know who you think your target demographic is. This will help us decide where to place you in the lineup, and ensure that we don't bunch up alot of intense talks. We need to spread things out a bit to give people a chance to come up for air!

*** A one paragraph synopsis of your talk.

This is one of the most important parts. Please give a bit of detail about what you are wanting to speak on, and give us some idea of what will be required to do so. We have some static things that every speaker can expect, but if you require something outside the ordinary, we will try to accomodate you. We don't need a copy of your talk to decide, but we do need to know more that it's topic..

*** Any time/day restrictions!

Depending on travel arrangements, etc, some people elect to speak on certain days. If you have any time/day restrictions, please let us know now. Letting us know the day of the con throws things a bit out of whack. We'd like to avoid this if at all possible.

Please send all the above information to:

SkyDog615 {at} gmail {dot} com.